Locations I Can't Place

by Young, Planetary

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Villain 03:50
we were both so young a thousand faces framed and hung on hooks but as the memories fade I look back and see it was all just pin pricks me so now I'm staring at the sun in search of everything I thought I loved but all I see is myself become the villain so I think it's time I let the skeletons hit the floor because the life of doing whatever you want will come back to haunt you because the life of crime is exactly that a ghost just biding its time and so am I
Bones 03:59
I have a tendency to ruin everything to chock it all up as a loss when I can't breathe but I'm working on a way to patch it all together and start anew with outstretched wings but for that I'll need a chance but for that I'll need something sturdy to lean on because lately I can't do it on my own although I'll never cease to try so I'll have you if you'll have me too even if it brings us down and if you're anything like me you'd risk your bones for an escape
Stung 04:28
there are etchings in my arms of names I can't remember of locations I can't place they're all just colors left to bleed and on onto the floor I tried to drink it up but couldn't stomach what's jagged in my throat of all the scars that have been bore into me it'll be yours I remember forever because I can't live without you under my skin I don't remember much but I remember how much you stung and you promised me a slight pinch just so you could tear me limb from limb there are carvings in stone of flames stomped out and left to smolder never meant to be remembered I tried to bury the remains but ended up sinking into the filth
Dig 03:29
I washed up a corpse on a beach waiting for lightning to bring me back to life but the storm it never came instead it was you who pulled me back from shore you hit me like a rush of blood to the head and I'm dizzy at the thought of seeing how deep your eyes dig into mine so dig keep digging dig deeper into me when I'm with you I never want to blink like staring into the sun I love the sting never want to lose sight of you and the way you see right though so don't lose sight of seeing right through me
Discarded 04:13
I've been dreaming about being without you but the real nightmare is being back with you again I tried to reconcile the good and the bad and ended up lost somewhere in the ether casting a shadow you couldn't shake if I had the words for how I feel but I'm without like I'm without the air in my lungs haven't been able to breathe since I left and every time I chase your ghost I'll be lost forever it will always get weirder you'll always be the wanderer it will always get worse you're just a sore spot that I left to heal we will always be a painful memory that we discarded in the street
I woke up on the hardwood I've been pining over and couldn't feel my fingertips I felt you like a phantom limb but knew it was just a memory I let slip and fade away we cashed it in one garage receipt at a time while we waited for our separate rides home I rode off not into a sunset but into a day breaking over the horizon that shattered in pieces on the floor and if the day is darkest before the dawn then maybe we'll snap back and catch the morning after


released August 7, 2020

All songs written and performed by Young, Planetary

Produced by Aaron Williams

Mixed and mastered by Nik Bruzzese at the Lumberyard Recording

Drums recorded with Jason Ringelstetter at the Tonic Room

Bass recorded with Jordan Becker at Studio SC

Additional vocals provided by T.J. Wheeler, Ethan Aarness, Aaron Abarquez, Jesse Laxson, and the South Kitsap High School Highlighters Choir

Artwork provided by Cameron Werner at Canvas Design Company


all rights reserved



Young, Planetary Boise, Idaho


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