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I'd like to thank Emily Stokes, Sam Gates, Dakota Sammons, Rob Lanterman, Trevor Long, and Ryan Delarosa for breathing life into this collection of songs.

Without the handful of you, I'd just be a kid in a bedroom screaming into an acoustic guitar. And for that I will be forever grateful.

Thank you for lending your talents to this silly project of mine.

- yXp


released October 7, 2016

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Sam Gates at Octocorn Records.

All songs written and recorded by Young, Planetary.

Additional vocals courtesy of Emily Stokes, drums by Dakota Sammons, and bass provided by Trevor Long.

All artwork by Ryan Delarosa.



all rights reserved


Young, Planetary Boise, Idaho

New album "Wilt" out now via Hidden Home Recordsnew album "I Am the Night and You're the Sunrise" coming soon via Hidden Home Records

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Track Name: Flicker
When I was young you always found a way to turn me toward the sun. And even though your eyes would burn and your skin would boil, you showed me I don't have to fear the heat.

And for so long you gave me shelter from the pouring rain. But now the storm is rattling the shutters and I'm afraid to get swept away.

There was never a light that shined as bright as yours, and even though it flickers, I know there's a fire burning white hot in your chest.

I can't imagine a sunset without you. I can't imagine a day without your light. I'm not going to weather this storm without you, even if the heavens fall from the sky, I'll be by your side.
Track Name: Frayed
It rained the night you left, so I thought for once I'd go outside. And there among the squalls, I finally felt alright.

But it's when I fall into those same old steps I wish the mirrors would crack and fall away.

Because our house still remains, the chairs disheveled and the curtains frayed. And every day I scour the rooms for pieces of you I could never fit back together.
Track Name: Stale
I remember winter and barely getting by. But it's warm now and somehow I'm alive.

And I don't think I'll ever feel awake again, because of that stale cigarette taste, and those long days ahead.

I remember bright lights, I remember chalk outlines. Out front in the cold, our voices low, your body to me it screamed.

So I'm going to burn it all to the ground. I'll collect the ashes and never be found.
Track Name: Kill
For fear of being cryptic, I'll just risk the broken lines this time and kill the distance between you and I.

Because I'm caught somewhere between desire and uncertainty, trying to rectify the yearning to see you.

But, if distance kills, I was dead years ago.

I just wish I was as good at pretending as you've always been. Because I'm not, and it shows, just like the heart on my sleeve.

So, show me the way and tell me how to feel, because lately I've been reaching out just to fall short.
Track Name: Seeds
When all the rooms in the house go silent, I'll lock myself away until the colors fade and I'll scream at the walls.

I've kept you like a secret and now I've some seeds to sow. So I guess I'll spend another night alone.

All the spaces we shared and the avenues we walked will soon be behind us and we will both fall astray.

Tonight I'll chew at the inside of my mouth while I rue the day you left.
Track Name: Petals
And so it goes, I'm young and in love, but somehow lost along the way. And even though your eyes do shine, I worry that someday the glory is going to fade.

But on the day it does, I'll be there with roses. I'll lay the petals at your feet and I'll leave without a sound.

And in the night I'll slip out into the moonlight. I'll press my feet to the pavement and like the dirt under my footsteps I'll disappear with the wind.

But before I go, let's have one for the road.
Track Name: Shell
I swore to you last night I'd never write you a sad sad song. But here I am lost in a melody and wishing you'd come home.

In a place where all there is to do is die, lately I've been feeling lost. And now I want to crawl back into this shell and weather this storm on my own.

Because lately it's all grey skies and dark clouds, and like a moth to a flame, I keep staggering back from where I came.

So now I'm on the beach, waiting for the storm to come, and when it does, I hope it sweeps me away.
Track Name: Promise
You were right there with me when I finally came clean, but it wasn't to you it was to me. And ever since I haven't been the same.

So now I'm counting down and you're counting me out. But I swear to you I'm different, but maybe just for now.

I haven't figured it out and you're sick of waiting around. But promise me you'll be there when I hit the ground.
Track Name: Wilt
The fall is falling down around me, the summer wasn't much better, and I'm worried I might wilt in the chill of the winter weather.

And for the first time since the last time, I wish I had wings to fly too close to the sun.

Whatever happened to those greener grasses? I feel like I've been here for entire seasons and still nothing blooms.

Everywhere I look the valley's dead. The cold rushed in like a whisper and now all I can hear are my footsteps on freshly fallen snow.
Track Name: Floor
After a while, all of them are all the same. Their names, their faces, the lives they claim to lead. It's all lies, it's treachery, and in the end it will bring us down.

These stained glass lenses no longer block out the sun. They just magnify the pain behind these eyes of mine.

I'm ensnared, forever falling for the same old tricks. And with every fleeting day I grow more weary of the tomorrow that follows.

So I think it's about time I picked myself up off the floor and made my way for the door. Because I can't bear the sight and sound of you anymore.