I Am the Night and You're the Sunrise

by Young, Planetary



released June 30, 2017

Recorded by Sam Gates at Octocorn Records.
Mixed and mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering.
Drums by Dakota Sammons.
Additional vocals by Emily Stokes.
All songs written and performed by Young, Planetary.



all rights reserved


Young, Planetary Boise, Idaho

New album "I Am the Night and You're the Sunrise" out now via Hidden Home Records

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Track Name: Undone
Our ship aground, we abandoned hope, and it won't be the lines in the sand that carry us home.

Now that we are lost at sea, we are undone; like we never happened, like we never were. But everywhere I go, and everything I do, the waves keep dragging me back to you.

I'm up in the lighthouse, I'm sucking down fog, and you're down there somewhere singing to the sea while you crash on the rocks. But I've heard your song before, and you're falling flat. And I won't be another sailor that never came back.
Track Name: Spiderwebs
I looked back, it feels like I'm always looking back, on these same, old ghosts that are haunting me.

I still remember thinking the days they'd last forever and the nights they'd never end. But now I find myself sifting through the pages while the sun sets on our time passing by.

So, cut me down from these spiderwebs because i'm sick of being hung up on the same, old tired lines.

The sun set on our time passing by and i'm stuck wondering why.
Track Name: Daybreak
I am the night and you're the sunrise, glowing red under the stars burning in the sky. And you carry a torch with my name inscribed I only used to take your life.

I carved your name into the stone right before daybreak. I drew blood where the grass it used to grow. But now the ground where I buried our past is pushing up all the promises to you I never kept.

I am the night and you're the sunrise, scalding the flesh from my fingertips. And you shine bright, so bright I'm blind, and my bones are charred from fumbling through the dark.
Track Name: Teeth Fall Out
When I saw your frame from between my floodlights I knew that it would be more than rain that you'd steal from my veins.

You bled me dry and left me to spoil all the same. You forged for me a grave in which I'd never lie, but would always somehow reside.

Every morning my teeth fall out as I watch the sun drop from the sky. So I walk sleeping all the way to where you catch me like the night.

I will always reside amidst the black in your eyes.